Sunday Morning Worship Service

Every Sunday morning we meet for worship in the church’s sanctuary from 10 – 11 AM using Zoom cloud technology during these times of COVID restrictions. We praise God by singing both traditional and contemporary hymns and listen to an Old and New Testament scripture reading. We pray for others in our church family and for people in need in both the local and global communities. For our in-church worship, the choir and sometimes soloists sing for us as we share in the joy of praising Jesus Christ.
NOTICE: Due to COVID restrictions, The South Gate Church building will remain closed for worship, rentals and all activities. The decision for re-opening will be re-evaluated at a later date in light of prevailing COVID regulations at that time. In the meantime online worship  AND regularly-scheduled meetings will continue with Zoom technology (see calendar page).


The Lord’s Supper has been a part of Christian worship since the night Jesus shared a meal with his friends and followers and instructed them to “do this in remembrance of me.” The breaking of bread and drinking grape juice unites us with Jesus and each other. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome. The following video does an excellent job of explaining the history of why we celebrate communion and will likely answer many of your questions.